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Help the Carnival – Get Involved! Would you like to become part of the carnival ‘Crew’? There’s always room for more . . …. EXPERIENCE NOT NECESSARY.

Wells Carnival is run by a team of volunteers, none of us have any particular experience just enthusiasm and a passion for our community. You don’t need to spend lots of time – you may just want to help out at an event as a marshal, or help run a stall or simply sell raffle tickets. We need help with all these! – if you would like to become a member of the ‘Carnival Crew’ or if you could just spare a few hours to help by becoming a ‘Friend of Wells Carnival’ – contact us NOW. You don’t have to live in Wells, or even in Norfolk – we have people on holiday who spare us a few hours during their stay.

Diary of a Carnival Virgin 2018The experiences of a newbe to the Carnival Crew

It will be no surprise to most people that to run the 10 days of events costs a considerable amount of money. We rely on sponsorship and advertising and would love to hear from anyone with experience or just enthusiasm who could help us promote sponsorship or sell space in our programme. Please get in touch if you have a little spare time to offer.

Advertising & Sponsorship

A major part of the Carnival’s success is the unstinting and continued support of Wells residents and businesses, from sponsorship or advertising to funding events. However, we are finding it more expensive than ever to put on a good show.

To make a success of Carnival requires extensive sponsorship so that as many people as possible are catered for and to ensure that we offer a great week’s entertainment.

Wells Carnival attracts excellent publicity and extensive press and radio coverage in the run up to and during Carnival week. There are lots of ways that local businesses and individuals can contribute to Wells Carnival.

  1. Sponsor a whole event during Carnival week – If you sponsor an event outright, you will receive full credit in the Carnival programme and in any event publicity we do before and during Carnival week. Please note that sponsorship will be awarded on a first come, first served basis.
  2. Contribute towards an event/carnival expenses – If you do not wish to sponsor a whole event, we are equally grateful for smaller cash donations. We will have a page in the programme dedicated to supporters of Carnival and a sponsor’s board will be prominently displayed in the town
  3. Make a donation of minimum £20 and we’ll add a link from this web site to yours – or if you do not have a website send us a description of your business (Max 25 words).
  4. Donate a prize – If you would prefer to give a prize it will be used in one of the raffles held throughout the week.
  5. Have programmes to sell to visitors in your shop or premises – Prior to the Carnival, every house in Wells (and some villages) will receive a programme through the door free of charge. The remainder are available for visitors to the town at a charge of £1.00 each, to help with running costs of Carnival.  A Carnival collection box will be provided for the payments.
  6. Take part in Spot the Stranger competition – You decorate your shop window to include a hard to spot item which you would not otherwise expect to find there. You then display a sticker in your window and are part of the trail competitors follow.

Full details on how you can support Wells Carnival will be available during the early part of each year – if you would like to be on our mailing list to receive further information please submit your details below::
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    A list of Our Sponsors is available here.